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CONTENOSA, a shipping agency for regular lines calling at Spanish ports, has been growing and expanding its services for over 40 years (since 1978) under the leadership of Naviera del Odiel de Contenedores S.A. Over the years, we have created businesses and acquired shares in a number of prestigious companies in the port and maritime logistics sector.

GRUPO CONTENOSA was founded out of an independent group with the firm objective of creating an alliance of leading companies active in every kind of national and international sea, air, land and multimodal transport.

GRUPO CONTENOSA is made up of partners with extensive experience, each of which specialises in a different aspect of the shipping logistics chain, including: ship owners, slotting service providers, shipping agencies, logistics operators, freight forwarders, fleet-holding land transport providers, customs agents, consolidators, and warehousing and distribution specialists. This diversification and specialisation have been vital in taking on this important challenge with the utmost guarantee of success.

Since its inception, GRUPO CONTENOSA has continuously transformed its business practices, which are founded on maintaining close relationships with clients, providing personalised service, a commitment to grow and adapt to the environment, and ensuring service of the highest quality.

Our professional and commercial commitment has led GRUPO CONTENOSA to complement its network of agents throughout the world with our own network of offices throughout the Iberian Peninsula, as well as in the Canary Islands, Mexico and Shanghai. This allows GRUPO CONTENOSA to guarantee across-the-board coverage and a presence in locations of strategic importance across the globe.

GRUPO CONTENOSA is a dynamic group of extremely competitive companies with a demonstrated capacity for leadership both in Spain and internationally.

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